Our Ministries

Choir Anthem

Choral Programs

Our Chancel Choir fills the sanctuary with God’s word through music, adding to the friendly atmosphere of our worship services. They present an anthem each Sunday and lead much of the special music for services such as Ash Wednesday and Christmas Eve. Please feel free to join us as we rehearse each Wednesday at 6:30pm (Labor Day through Memorial Day).

Music marks the beginning of Sunday school classes each week. The children gather and sing along to various traditional bible songs, sometimes including the use of drums and tamborines. They participate in worship services throughout the year, singing and playing instruments. In addition, they have had exciting opportunities to learn and perform sign language.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Women of PBBC entered this already thriving ministry in 2001 and quickly became part of a web of yarn that encircled the globe. Shawls are either knitted or crocheted and given away to those experiencing grief and pain as well as to those celebrating great joy. There seem to be so many occasions when the gift of a shawl is either a comfort or a delightful surprise. The project has become a total church effort. Folks who are not into needlework often donate toward the purchase of yarn, and everyone joyously participates in the blessing ceremonies that our pastor builds into worship services. Late in 2006 we gave away our 500th shawl!

The blessings that emanate from this ministry fall upon both those who receive and those who create, and may best be described with words from its theme song WEAVE. “We are many textures, many colors, different from one another but entwined with one another in one great tapestry. We are different instruments playing our own melodies, each one tuning to a different key, but we are all playing in harmony in one great symphony. We are woven together in unity and love.”

Camp Wightman

Camp Wightman is a ministry of ABCCONN located in North Stonington, on 260 acres of land on the shores of Billings Lake. They provide year-round Christian hospitality and nearly thirty summer camping programs available for children, youth, adults and families. Camp Wightman has hosted several of our church retreats and we are blessed to be represented every summer by a number of members, children through grandparents. Visit their website to find out more about summer camps and retreat hosting.

Spring Tag Sale

The church holds an annual tag sale and bake sale each Spring. You will find new and used furniture, household items, clothing, electronics, CDs, books, games and much more! There are thousands of items that come and go very quickly! Each tag sale is a multi-day event with amazing bargains and almost any item you can think of.

Come for our stuff or for the great variety of baked goods! Many church members and friends and family participate in making this a great ministry for the community and a vital fundraiser for the church.

Our next tag sale will be:
Spring 2019