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There are so many people to thank for this wonderful gift! First we thank the people from Old Mystic Baptist Church-part of your old church will now live on in our church. We would also like to thank Rick Tourjee, Dick Tourjee, John Rodearmel and Steve Champ (Marilyn Rodearmel’s son) and a friend of Steves for packing and delivering the window. Many thanks goes to patient person who cleaned it-Catherine Hiller. And no less thanks goes to Richard and Rick Tourjee and Ron Land for installing, lighting and framing it! It indeed was a labor of love and we cannot thank you enough! John created a plaque to commemorate the event and presented it to PBBC to hang near the window.

Did you know was established in 2003? It’s been a wonderful 15 years on the web and we hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as well. Click the pictures and take a look at our designs through the years!

We want to welcome you to our redesigned site and let you know some of the changes we made. On the home page you’ll find our most recent news as well as a few of our next upcoming events. The navigation bar at the top allows access to every page on the website (click the PBBC logo/title to return to the home page). Under the “What’s New?” tab is where you’ll find a link to the newsletters along with two new sections: Recent News is published in a blog format and contains pictures and articles of happenings at church and in our community. You can share each post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Upcoming Events displays a list of events for the current month which you can filter by category or scroll from month to month via the arrows. Buttons allow you to share events to social media or view a map of its location.

Members who already have a login from the old site do not need to register again. Your email and password will allow you to log in and listen to the worship services. To make things easier, the 8 most recent services will be displayed as soon as you log in and you can find additional recordings via the arrows at the bottom. If you don’t remember your login, use the Forgot Password button and a new password will be emailed to you.

At the bottom of each page is a sign up box to receive our occasional email blasts. We’ll let you know if a service is cancelled (e.g. due to weather) and when our newsletters have been posted. We don’t anticipate sending out more than one or two a month and you can unsubscribe at any time. We’re looking to get a few people involved in keeping this website updated (especially the news and events pages) so that you’ll always be able to find the lastest here. We hope you like the new website! Any comments, ideas or suggestions can be sent to