Prayer Shawl Ministry

Women of PBBC entered this already thriving ministry in 2001 and quickly became part of a web of yarn that encircled the globe. Shawls are either knitted or crocheted and given away to those experiencing grief and pain as well as to those celebrating great joy. There seem to be so many occasions when the gift of a shawl is either a comfort or a delightful surprise. The project has become a total church effort. Folks who are not into needlework often donate toward the purchase of yarn, and everyone joyously participates in the blessing ceremonies that our pastor builds into worship services. To date we’ve given away over 1000 shawls!

The blessings that emanate from this ministry fall upon both those who receive and those who create, and may best be described with words from its theme song WEAVE.

“We are many textures, many colors, different from one another but entwined with one another in one great tapestry. We are different instruments playing our own melodies, each one tuning to a different key, but we are all playing in harmony in one great symphony. We are woven together in unity and love.”

PBBC Prayer Shawl Ministry